Remote Location Filing (RLF)
Customs implemented a program that allows brokers to clear shipments in ports other than where they are located.The program, Remote Location Filing (RLF) will allow a broker with a continuous bond to make entry at the first US port of arrival.This eliminates having to hire “outport” brokers in other ports, giving us full control over the customs entry process and reducing costs.  Though there are restrictions to the program, with advanced planning and proper shipment routing, importers can benefit in many ways by utilizing this program
Filing with Other Government Agency (OGA)
US Customs Border & Protection reinforces all other government agencies that may have restrictions for imported merchandise.A.L. Fase & Co. will provide assistance with all other government agencies clearances that may be required for your product.In some cases, the importer is required to complete documentation prior to the arrival of restricted merchandise, which we can assist with as well.If you are unsure if your product requires any other government agency action, we can help determine what will be required.It is always a good idea to check these requirements prior shipping to the United States.   Go to our links page and see some of the other government agencies websites for importing requirements.
Local Delivery and Drayage
After customs has cleared your import shipment, we can arrange for immediate delivery to you or your customer. Working closely with several local cartage and drayage companies allows us to offer competitive rates and exceptional service. We can also dispatch shipments using other transportation companies that you may have your own tariff agreements with. Either way we will follow through to make sure that shipments reach their destination without any problems or delays.
Customs Bonds
Upon importation of merchandise, an importer assumes certain responsibilities to Customs: making shipments available for inspection; labeling and packaging requirements; making records of transactions available for inspections; to pay estimated or any additional duties when and where applicable.  In order for Customs to assure the performance of the importer's responsibilities, a surety bond is posted by the importer.   A single entry bond may be issued for each import or an annual "continuous bond" may be purchased to cover all imports for a year.  A bond may be described as a guarantee from the surety company to the US government that the importer will faithfully and timely abide by all the laws and regulations covering the imported merchandise.  If an importer fails to honor any condition of the bond, the surety company can be called on to fulfill the obligations to customs.  We provide both single entry and annual "continuous" bonds.
Marine Cargo Insurance
If your cargo was lost or damaged during international transit, the financial impact on your company could be detrimental. The cost of loosing a container worth of goods will far exceed insurance premiums that would be paid over a long period of time. That's why there is marine cargo insurance. We have an open cargo policy that allows us to insure your shipments from "warehouse to warehouse". Some situations will require specialized coverage but most commodities can be covered under our policy. We can also obtain an individual policy to cover your situation. Be sure to check and see if your international shipments are covered under marine cargo insurance policy. Either the shipper or consignee can obtain a policy to cover international shipments. If you are not covered, you may consider asking us about insuring your shipments before you need to make a claim for lost or damage goods.
Protests and Supplemental Information Letters
Recently Customs switched from a 90 day liquidation cycle to a 314 day liquidation cycle for no change liquidations.  Since a protest cannot be filed until after liquidation, they have implemented a program to facilitate the refund of overpayments as well as the submission of under payments.  Filers may submit "supplemental information letters" for the purpose of corrections to entry summaries filed with Customs.  A.L. Fase & Co. will assist with these issues and arrange for prompt refunds on overpayments to Customs as well as submission of underpayments.
>Duty Drawbacks
Occasionally, imported merchandise which duties were paid is re-exported from the United States and sold.  Customs will allow application for drawback to be filed (prior to exportation) and will refund 99% of the import duties paid.  A.L. Fase & Co. can assist with any Drawback issues you may have.  We can also assist in the application process required for custom's Drawback Programs, Exporter Summary Procedure and Accelerated Payment Program.
Warehouse Entries
Whether your company is trying to postponed duty, wait for quota merchandise to be reopened, or manipulate shipment to enter a portion for consumption, A.L. Fase & Co. can assist and advise to meet the needs of your company.
C-TPAT Certified
C-TPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.It is a joint government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security.Through this initiative, Customs is asking businesses to ensure the integrity of their security practices and communicate their security guidelines to their business partners within the supply chain.A.L. Fase & Co. has been certified as a member of the C-TPAT program.We work closely with our customers and service providers to communicate C-TPAT guidelines to other companies and work toward building C-TPAT into these relationships.It is important to know that importing members of C-TPAT may benefit by having fewer inspections or quicker processing of entries Go to Custom's website regarding
C-TPAT for more details on how to join.
Trade Fair/Exhibition
Chicago is one of the country's largest exhibition and trade fair venues. A.L. Fase & Co. has assisted many exhibit agents and carriers with a wide range of shows from food and food related items to oversized machinery. We are sensitive to time restrictions and show procedures and will coordinate timely customs release and delivery to the show site. Weather it be a permanent or temporary import, we can assure the proper Customs declarations will be made on your behalf.
Automotive and machine parts
From race cars to printing presses, we have knowledgeable staff to assist in the classification of automobiles & parts and machinery & parts. Accurate documentation and complete invoice descriptions are the first requirements of properly classifying auto and machine parts. We can assist in the timely processing of Customs clearances for time sensitive races or urgent production line requirements.


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